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A guide to Svalbad

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Dressing room

Unheated dressing room available with private changing area.

Drinking water

Fresh drinking water is available.


Please read more information in the FAQ.


Showers with cold water available outside during the summer months.

How to use SvalBad sauna

  1. Please bring two towels, one for sitting on when on the bench and one for drying off. Always use a towel under you when using a bench.
  2. Water for consumption is available. Please bring your own drinking bottle or cup.
  3. Only use fresh water on the oven, never use salt water. Fresh water is available in the sauna.
  4. Be mindful of other guests!
  5. If go swimming, please remember you access code to the door.
  6. Please respect your time slot, no one will tell you when it’s time to leave.
  7. Be aware that if you are using the sauna at a busy time, the view may be obscured by visiting ships.
Guest enjoying SvalBad Sauna: Three women and a man on the wooden benches, looking out at the bay.

Guest’s enjoying SvalBad sauna.


Picture of empty sauna: Warm light emanates from under the wooden benches that contrasts with the cold light from the icy waters outside.

Inside the sauna.

  1. The age limit for using SvalBad is 18. Children are welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  2. No food is allowed in the sauna.
  3. No alcohol in drop-in sessions. Alcohol is allowed in private groups. Please read our FAQ for more information.
  4. Visibly intoxicated guests and guests who dd not follow the rules are not welcome in the sauna.
  5. Guests are responsible for their own safety in the sauna, and when swimming by the floating pier. Never swim alone.
  6. Please use the waste bins inside the sauna, do not leave any waste on the floating pier.
  7. Swimwear is mandatory.


  1. You are responsible for your own safety.
  2. If you feel unwell, dizzy or sleepy while in the sauna, leave the sauna immediately.
  3. The deck outside the sauna can be wet, icy and slippery
  4. There is rescue equipment and first aid kits available on the floating pier.
  5. Never swim alone – The water is cold. Always have someone watching nearby when swimming in the water.
  6. Do not jump from the pier. there are mooring chains in the water below the surface.
  7. You are responsible for your own valuables.
  8. Do not swim when visiting boats are moving or maneuvering near the sauna.
A corner of SvalBad's changing room with curtains for privacy.

Private area for changing.


Drop-in Kr 300.- pr time/person. Privat booking Kr 3000.- pr 2 timer.

Drop-in NOK 300.- per hour/person. Private booking NOK 3000.- per 2 hours 

We do not refund bookings, but we can move your booking if we are notified seven days in advance (for private bookings) or three days in advance (for drop-ins).

Please note that re-booking requires available capacity at the desired time.

In the summer months, there is an outdoor shower available where you can rinse off the salt water.

Unfortunately, soap and similar products are not allowed, as the water flows directly into the fjord. You can fill a bucket with water from the sauna and rinse off outside on the raft in the winter months.

There is no toilet available on the sauna raft.

In the period 1st April to the 1st November, toilets can be used in the sanitary building at Bykaia, 150 meters to the west.

Drop-in 10 people.
Private booking 14 people.

Water can be poured onto the stones approx. 2 scoops every 10 minutes to add warmth and moisture to the sauna.

Use only fresh water – salt water destroys the oven. Water is obtained from the sink in the wardrobe. Too much water can damage the oven.


The sauna and the use of the sauna raft is reserved for paying guests.

SvalBad is normally unattended.

Please respect the time slot you have booked at the sauna and arrive/leave within your time slot.

On arrival, enter the code you have received (in an SMS) on the front door and enter. You must remember this code to enter the sauna if you go out to have a swim or cool down outside.

  • There is a wardrobe available in the sauna with a small changing room with curtains for privacy.
  • Drinking water is available from the tap in the wardrobe.

You must leave the sauna and tidy up after yourself before your booked time is over: Don’t let the next guests have to wait. Respect their time.

Swimwear is required to be worn at all times in the sauna.

Consuming alcohol is not recommended when using the sauna, but is allowed in moderate amounts inside the sauna itself when you have a private booking.

Alcohol consumption is prohibited during drop-in sessions. It is not permitted to enjoy alcohol in the area outside the sauna.

Visibly intoxicated guests may be expelled.

Note: Use the sauna is at your own risk. We do not recommend alcohol combined with sauna use or swimming in the fjord.

Bring two towels, one to sit on in the sauna and one to dry yourself off with. Always use a towel to sit on in the sauna.

In the event of a service interruption, call the port control on number (0047) 911 22 300.

In case of an emergency, contact ambulance (113), police (112) or fire (110). The Port control telephone number is (0047) 911 22 300


Your booking can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions. If this happens you will receive a refund on your booking in full.