The tracing and collection of personal information in Norway is mainly regulated by the privacy policy law (personvernsopplysningsloven). It is also regulated by ekomloven (lov om elektrisk informasjon / the law of electric information) and the marketing law. There are also given guidelines of the treatment of privacy information from the laws of accounting and economics.


This page (svalbad.no) is owned and operated by Port of Longyear (portlongyear.no). You can find our information on Brønnøysund Register Centre. Click here to access them. (org. number 984 047 851)

Koko Analytics

We use Koko analytics to collect very simple statistics to see who visits our website and the referrer (the domain you came from). This is a privacy friendly analytics collector that does not collect any personal information from our visitors.

What are cookies?

A Cookie (information capsule) is a small file which is stored locally on your device. A cookie is not harmful, and it cannot contain a virus or any programs.

Koko analytics uses cookies to separate visitors so you aren’t counted more than once in our statistics. This cookie does not save or give us any personal information about you – but gives Koko analytics a more accurate way of counting visitors as you are not counted every time you re-fresh the page.

This cookie is deleted after 6 hours, or can be deleted manually by deleting cookies though your browser. You can also opt out any third-party cookies by setting this option directly in your browser.

What is a referrer?

A referrer is «the last web address accessed by a browser prior to loading a particular web page, used to identify sources of traffic.»

The referrer gives us a picture of where our visitors are coming from, but not any information more than the domain name of the page (i.e. «Facebook.com» or «google.com»).

This information helps us pinpoint where people are finding the SvalBad webpage and how we can improve our information for our visitors.

Booking with us

When you book with us the information you leave will be saved in our booking systems. All booking information you leave in the booking system and that is sent to us is confidential and only used in relation to the booking itself and to comply with regulations and law concerning our business. We do not sell or use you information in any way outside of its intended purposes without consent.

Your contact information will be used to send you your booking information and entry code to the sauna. We may also use it to contact you in case of any issues concerning your booking.

We use a booking system from gibbs.no.
You can read their privacy policy here.

Contacting us

If you contact us though e-mail your contact information and message will be saved to our mail servers.

Your contact information will not be sold to a third party or used in marketing. We only store this information for contact purposes. If you wish your contact information and message to be deleted from our mail servers after business is concluded, please note so in your last communication. If not, we will keep that information as long as we feel is necessary.

Google maps

We use Google maps to easily show you where our services are located.

If you interact with our map, Google may collect information through your browser. Read more about this in Googles Privacy Policy and Googles Terms of Service.

If you wish to disable Google maps. Please turn it off though our Privacy Preferences.

Instagram, Facebook  and embedded content

If you interact with content we have published though our social media accounts (instagram, facebook, youtube etc.) or content that we have embedded on our webside from social media, we will, in some cases, be notified and will receive information about you and your user account – if you are logged in. Ie. If you «like», share or publish a link publicly on social media where we are also registered, we are, in certain situations, able to see this information and any information you share publicly in relation to this.

To avoid sharing any information you are uncomfortable with, please go though your privacy settings on your accounts.