SvalBad is the result of the current climate change challenges and the local community’s passion in re-purposing materials and interest in the circular economy at Svalbard.

The SvalBad project has its origins in the LPO-initiative “Rett plass Rett form” (trans. “Correct place Correct form”). LPO developed a design methodology for re-use of materials that in construction, by today’s standards, would be categorized as waste. LPO is one of the driving forces behind creating a circular construction practice in Longyearbyen and LPO defines construction waste as “a resource that’s at the wrong place, at the wrong time”.

A story of collaboration

Heightened risk of avalanches, due to climate change, has brought dramatic challenges to Svalbard. This heightened risk has, among other things, led to the demolition of parts of the residential areas in Longyearbyen.

In the close collaboration between Oslo School of Architecture and Design, the architect office of LPO and city of Longyear’s local government, the waste from the demolished residential areas has been given new life as a year-round floating pier and sauna– SvalBad.

The community’s passion to reduce their carbon footprint runs deep, and many locals braved the winter darkness to sort the piles of construction materials left over from the demolition for the sauna.  The port of Longyearbyen, who owns and runs the sauna, built the sauna’s floating pier with excess plastic piping from previous building projects.

Something new from something old

The used painted wooden panel protect against the harsh Svalbard climate. The re-purposed windows give a panorama view of the fjords and the mountains. A total of 34 small modules was constructed and assembled with “waste” materials for a new swimming experience.

SvalBad carries with it the history from well-known buildings and colors from Longyearbyen and Svea. We hope our passion for SvalBad with its historic and re-purposed materials gives you a sense of well-being for your body and soul!

Welcome to SvalBad
– at 78 degrees north!